Dr. Fuerst:

I’m writing to let you know how glad I am that I came to you for help with my vision. I have constantly struggled with my eyesight until I had the LASIK Procedure in November of 2000. It has changed my life. I went from 20/400 vision to 20/20 after the procedure.

The improvements in my vision have been great for playing golf and tennis. It has simply made everyday life more enjoyable. I have thrown away all my prescription glasses and contact lenses and am now enjoying perfect eyesight.

After the procedure I was sensitive to light for only a couple of hours. The process was entirely painless. The next day when I woke up, I was amazed when I opened my eyes. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone.


Rich Ginger
Chief Financial Officer
Bell-Phillip Television &
Bell Dramatic Serial Company

Dear Doctor Fuerst,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude for what your skills have been able to make possible in my life.
Thanks to you, I no longer need to concern myself with dirty, missing, broken, dry or expensive to maintain contact lenses. I no longer need to deal with a piece of plastic in my eye. Neither do I have to worry about swimming, napping, biking, fighting, or anything else may be better without contacts. I can now travel lighter and more simply. I sure feel liberated.

Thanks to you, I have fully restored vision after fourteen years of dependence on corrective lenses. I came to you for a surgical operation using LASIK surgery in November and have been seeing clearly without glasses or contact lenses ever since. The surgery went by surprisingly fast and its results were noticeable very soon afterwards. I was able to perform all of my normal functions without glasses the day after the surgery-amazing!

I could not say thank you enough for what you have done for my life. I hope only the best of lives for you and your loved ones. Thank you Doctor Fuerst.


Osvaldo Gonzalez
Covina, CA

I would like to share my experience undergoing the autonomous LASIK procedure. Initially, I was reluctant to undergo this procedure since my profession as a radiologist requires precise visual acuity and any loss of vision would jeopardize my livelihood. I chose Dr. David Fuerst because of his extensive experience and specialization in corneal procedures.

The procedure itself was relatively painless and lasted about 20-25 minutes (for both eyes). Afterwards, I experienced some light sensitivity due to the fact that my pupils had been dilated. However, later the same day I began to appreciate the dramatic improvement in my vision which was even more fully appreciated the day following surgery. Dr. Fuerst did an excellent job and was fully available for any post procedural complications.

In the two and one-half months since my surgery, I have not required any glasses for distance. My refraction has improved from roughly 20/400 to about 20/25. I have a little dryness in one of my eyes which was remedied by eye lubricants and blockage of the lacrimal duct.

Overall, I have been very happy with my experience and whole heartedly recommend it to any long-time wearer of prescription lens whose eyes are sensitive to contact lenses. My LASIK procedure has enabled me to pursue an active lifestyle and has not compromised by vision in any way. I commend Dr. Fuerst and his staff for their professionalism and am very glad I decided to have this procedure done.


Robert Cohen, M.D.

Dear Dr. Fuerst,

A happy Easter to you, Dr. Fuerst. This is also the one year anniversary of my first cataract surgery, and I want to thank you again.

I am still admiring the bright colors, the clear vision, and reading street/freeway signs that you made possible for me. Simply marvelous!

Thank you so much for listening carefully and acting upon all my concerns, and for your patience and calm manner through the procedures. Your expertise honed to the Nth degree gave me the confidence to relax and benefit so fully.

I couldn’t be happier this Easter. New and improved vision was my goal and you gave it to me.

May God by with you, and allow you many, many more years of using your great talents.


Aileen Mason
Covina, CA

I had cataract surgery in both eyes, one in Feb of 04, the other in May of 04. Each time I went at the appointed time, I was made comfortable in preparing me for surgery.

During surgery Dr. Fuerst was communicating with me, telling me what he was doing as he went along with the surgery, which was very comfortable to me.

After surgery I was under observation for a while during my recovery. Then I was sent home with medication, and clear instructions how to take care of my eye. My eye sight is really good now, it was well worth it. Thank you Dr. Fuerst.

Lucille Clevenger

Dear Dr. Fuerst and Staff,

I want to express my sincerest gratitude to you for the successful cataract removal and corneal transplant along with the laser procedure you performed for my astigmatism on my right eye about two years ago. I have been so pleased with the results of my preliminary surgery that I have decided to proceed with operating my left eye.

Thank you again for making my surgical procedure a success for my visual well being.

Georgina Britto
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Fuerst:
I received my new cornea in 1999. After months of healing and adjustment, I still had an astigmatism not correctable with contact lenses. I decided my best chance for clear vision was LASIK and Dr. Fuerst performed the procedure in 2001. I’m very happy with the improvement. My vision is clearer than it has been in years.

Margaret Howe

I have been a patient of Dr. David Fuerst for seventeen years. My eye condition is called keratoconus, or cone shaped corneas. I had good corrected vision with rigid contact lenses but after years of use, many problems developed with fit, comfort and decrease in vision. Dr. Fuerst performed a corneal transplant on the right eye in July of 2002. Afterward, I still needed to wear a rigid contact lens to have good vision. In January of 2004, I had laser surgery performed by Dr. Fuerst. I had follow up revision in May of 2004 and I now have near perfect vision in the right eye. I can highly recommend Dr. Fuerst for his professional and competent care.

Marilyn Deininger