Glaucoma Surgery

Selective laser trabeculoplasty, or SLT, is an advanced laser treatment option for individuals with open-angle glaucoma. In SLT, the laser selectively targets treats pigmented cells in the drainage tracts of the eye. SLT lowers eye pressure by improving the drainage of fluid from the eye. Ophthalmologists often use SLT in conjunction with or in place of using topical medications to lower eye pressure.

Laser peripheral iridotomy, or LPI, is a laser treatment used to treat or prevent angle-closure glaucoma and individuals at risk for angle-closure glaucoma with anatomically narrow angles. In individuals with narrow angles glaucoma, the drainage tracts of the eye are at risk of becoming partially or completely blocked by iris (the colored part of the eye). LPI is performed to prevent the drainage tracts of the eye from being blocked by iris. This protects the eye from sudden increases in eye pressure and helps prevent scar formation in the drainage tracts of the eye.